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Most of you may have noticed that I the bands I have featured here aren’t real heavy hard rock, until now.  I love rock, especially hard rock and metal and this weeks band is one of that fits that category perfectly.  Blue Gillespie.  The first time I heard about Blue Gillespie was at the 2011 Chicago Wizard World.  We were at a panel for Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin off. The two members of the cast that were on the panel were, Garetth David Lloyd, who until he was unjustly killed off in season 3, played Ianto, and Kai Owen, who plays Rhys.  Both guys were great and had a ton a fun, they even gave money to two audience members for beer.  During the conversation, Garetth mentioned his band, Blue Gillespie, and their upcoming plans.  So after the panel we went downstairs and they were signing stuff and he was also selling the cd’s so the wife bought it and he signed it.

So when we got home, we opened it up and threw it in, I was impressed, I liked it.  So I decided to find out a little more about the band so I looked them up.  This UK foursome was formed in 1997 with Gareth Lloyd on Vocals, Anthony Clark on Guitar, Rhys Bryant on Bass and Nick Harrison on Drums.  The name Blue Gillespie represents a “character” comprised of all 4 members inner struggles and anger.  The band is used as a way for them to clear their alter egos of darkness and anger and for them to become more positive.  Prior to the first full length album, Synesthesia, The band had released 2 EP’s.  Cave County 1 and Cave County 2, with the latter being more of an acoustic record.  They received mostly positive reviews and got great reactions at their live shows, which they live for.  As of this writing, their second album has been released, Seven Rages of Man, which was inspired by the Shakespeare speech from As You Like it.  We’ll start with the first full length album…..

Synesthesia 2010

This is the first full release and was met with plenty of critical acclaim from all over the world.  It is full of loud guitars, great bass and pounding drums.  The vocals help complete the package matching the band perfectly.  It all comes together for a nice tight Hard Rock/Metal package just right for anyone that likes the genre.  To be honest, after seeing Lloyd on Torchwood, it was hard for me to believe that those vocals were coming from him, but they do and it’s awesome.  The lyrics are great, somewhat dark, but that’s what you would expect from a band like them so it’s just right.  In fact its almost like a Blues band went metal….and kept their lyrics.  Its dark, brooding and moody and it’s great. The album is full of great tracks, not even kidding, would I recommend a one hit wonder to you guys?  Of course not.  The opening track, Beat Oven, is a great beginning and the album just goes like a freight train headed downhill with no brakes after that.  My favorite tracks? Well, I thought you’d never ask…..Beat Oven of course, Sugarglass, Skinned, Growsome, Making Sound, Black Waltz, and Paradox & Time Knot.

Seven Rages of Men 2012

Seven Rages is the Sophomore album by Blue Gillespie, but unlike a lot of Sophomore attempts this one is as good if not better than the original.  The album was mixed, mastered and co produced by Skindred guitarist Jeff Rose.  Like I mentioned above, its structure is inspired by Shakespeare’s Seven Ages Speech from As You Like It.  The album explores the depth of rage incorporating Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, modern philosophy and even mythology as influences.  Making a Metal opera almost, I say almost because Metal is awesome, Opera, well, sometimes I suppose.  The album contains different locations, characters and differing levels of anger and rage.  The album follows them from birth to death, complete with a prologue and an epilogue.  The tracks are all excellent and the same quality from the last album is there, in fact it’s probably a bit better.  The tracks sound great stand alone, but listened to in order give the listener a great experience….if you like Metal.  The best tracks? Well, if I have to choose it would be…..The Mewling, Interlude 1, Effervescent Youth, Sullen, Grim Determination, Interlude 2, The Misanthropist and  Epilogue.  Yup, that is almost the whole album, and with good reason, it rocks.


Blue Gillespie was influenced by great bands such as Tool, Portishead and Down and the influences show in their work.  They are a great Hard Rock act and from what I’ve seen on the internet and heard put on a hell of a live show.  They truly enjoy what they’re doing and it shows on both their albums and live.  So if you like Metal, give them a shot, their official website is http://www.bluegillespie.co.uk/ and you can even listen to their albums on there.  Thanks for reading, now start listening!


All biographical info was gained from http://www.bluegillespie.co.uk/


So here we are a month into the new year and one thought crossed my mind…..Where the hell are the Sci Fi shows?!  I see lots of reruns but only a few shows currently airing new episodes, and nothing new on the horizon till at least mid year if not fall.  So I thought I would give a rundown of what I know and have found out about shows that we as sci fi fans are waiting for as well as what is on now that could help fill the void.  There could be more shows that I just don’t know about, so if you have another show that I don’t mention here, please fill free to leave it in the comments! So here we go!

Doctor Who – Sorry but to me this is the big one, I love this show as any of you that know me know.  This is the reason for the post.  I was sitting here watching (well listening to) the 5th Doctor (Peter Davisson) episode Earthshock and thought, “When is new Who coming out?”  Well unfortunately from what I have been able to dig up, not till fall of 2012.  That’s a long time to wait, especially with the shows 50th anniversary coming up in 2013.  So I’m not sure how they are doing this, I mean if season 7 (series 7 for my UK friends) starts in fall of 2012 and ends spring 2013, then when are they doing the anniversary stuff I keep reading about?  I guess only time will tell.  So hopefully fall of 2012 comes quick!

Torchwood – The only reason this is second is because it is a Doctor Who spin off.  Some of you may have heard of the show last year when Starz showed the 5 part miniseries “Miracle Day”  Others may be like me and remember when it had 2 full seasons that were pretty good before the first miniseries “Children of Earth” (I think that’s what it was called)  Sadly, I have found nothing concrete about another season, I would like to see a regular full length season again, but I doubt we’ll see it.

Haven – This was and still is one of my favorite shows, I love the way its filmed and the characters.  Besides that Emily Rose seems like such a sweetheart (well from her twits anyway.)  Unfortunately, we won’t see the continuation of last seasons cliffhanger until mid year.  I haven’t found a solid date, but based off the last 2 seasons, both which started in July, I would say Haven season 3 should be here mid July.

Warehouse 13 – Another of my favorites, Warehouse 13 does have a confirmed season 4 coming, and as with Haven, I would have to say, based off the other seasons, it should come back mid July also.

Eureka – While many people seemed to have been pissed about the announcement that the next season of Eureka will be its last, we should remember that it has had 65 episodes (sadly to me a few not so good) and that it has already spanned 5 years.  Which isn’t bad for a sci-fi show.  When does the beginning of the end start? Once again, this one seems to be ready to come back for its series finale in July.

Sanctuary – Ok, first I heard that this one was cancelled, then coming back, then cancelled, then coming back but I never found any solid proof.  If it is coming back it would probably come back in December, which I am assuming based off the start date of the last season.

Alphas – All I have found is that it was renewed, no rumors about the date or anything else.  So I would say that it would come back the same time the last season aired, mid July.

Merlin – This one is a bit confusing for me because I really don’t know how it airs in comparison to the UK.  From I found, production on the new season is starting in March, So I wouldn’t expect any new Merlin till late this year.

Awake – This show seems a bit interesting and looks like it deals with some cool concepts, it premieres in March 2012

So those are the ones that I am still waiting for, well at least a couple of them.  below, are the ones that are currently airing and when they will end and return.

Being Human (US Version) – Being Human is currently airing its second season, which should end in April 2012.  I didn’t find anything about it being renewed yet or when it would come back.

Lost Girl – This “new” SyFy channel show is in its first season in America, yet in Canada its already on season 2.  It just started here, and I didn’t expect to find any info about SyFy airing season 2 yet.

Walking Dead – The perennial zombie favorite wraps up season 2 in March.  I read that there was a 3rd season coming, based off the airing of the last 2 seasons I’d say it would be back in fall of 2012.

Fringe – I think Fringe is a great show and I think that John Noble does a great job.  Luckily for us, Fringe is airing until May, so we have some Sci-Fi on the air still.  I haven’t heard any news of a 5th season yet.

Firefly – Sadly, still no news on this shows return 😦

So that’s about it, well at least for the shows that I know and found info on.  Sadly it looks like between March and May there won’t be a lot of Sci Fi on but I guess that’s what Netflix is for.  If you guys have any other news please leave it in the comments for myself and others! Also, if you want news on your favorite shows, I would recommend following the cast on twitter, you’ll get some good info and glimpses back stage.  I also follow @SyFy he shares a lot of good info also.  thanks!

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