So, its the Primary Elections today in America.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to get on a soap box and endorse a candidate, but it did give me and a couple of my friends an idea.  Why not make politics more appealing to people under the age of 90?  I mean come on, its drab it’s boring and all anyone does is make fun of each other and mud sling, then recess is over and they go back to class….oh wait….that’s kindergarten…well same thing. Most (not all) people don’t like watching debates for the above reasons.  There’s no pizzazz, no showmanship.  So we decided to come up with two completely new and viable ways to elect people, and a third one that would just be fun to watch.  So, I am proud to now present you with John and Nicks new and improved voting systems.

The first one was mainly my friends idea, hence why I gave him credit above.  You take ALL the candidates, and put them in one house to live together.  Yup, Big Brother style!  Every week the least popular gets voted off.  Think about it, it would be great!  I mean could you imagine Gingrich, Paul, Romney and Santorum having to live in the same house with Obama?  I mean I know he’s the current President, but I’m sure he can take 5 weeks out of his schedule for “Big Brothers, Presidential Election Special”  I mean wouldn’t it be great to see them all start off as “friends” then get all catty?  Then in the second week, BAM! a surprise candidate, someone like Palin or Nadar,  just to keep things interesting.  Then by week three we would find out who’s the alcoholic, who’s the racist and most importantly for ratings, who’s the Snooki of the group!  Yeah, now we’re talking!  Now, we wouldn’t just let them live together, oh no, each week there would be a set of challenges.  They would have to compete against each other, perhaps even having to….uh oh….work together to complete a task.  Maybe escape from a zombie horde like in The Walking Dead, ok that’s a bit far fetched but it would be fun!  Then the public each week would vote out the least liked!  We would allow 5 votes per phone line and email, as an added plus, we would charge a dollar a call and put the money towards the deficit.  Not bad right? It would sure spice it up!

Now onto idea two, which was primarily mine.  I think we should do it American Idol style.  All the candidates get 5 minutes to give a speech each week.  There would be 3 judges that would give there opinion on them, they would have to judge on style, the speech itself and the candidates presence.  The American people would judge on the content themselves.  Also, they would each have a speech coach and a style coach.  There would be a stage, some tense music and lighting and Seacrest could host!  The voting system would be the same as above.

So that’s our propositions for a new voting system, sure there might be some kinks to work out, but think of the voter turn out!  For the first time in a century you would have a high turnout!  Anyway, think about it, it would be fun.  Anyway, have a good day and thanks for reading!  Oh and wait till we layout our plan for the House and Senate!