Yup, I ‘m sure by now most of my friends and family know that we are expecting our first child on May 28th, a little girl.  We went for an ultrasound yesterday and it was the first time that she looked like a little baby and not a little alien!  She was looking right at us, and even though I haven’t been surprised, seeing her look like a little baby brought a smile to my face.  In 3 months I’ll have my little girl and my life is going to change, hopefully for the better.  So I thought I’d share my thoughts about the adventure so far.

Contrary to what some people thought, I did want to have kids, or at least a kid.  For the first 3 or 4 months I really didn’t do anything around the house, I was worried I would jinx something.  So I waited until the 5 month to start, thats when the doctors said everything was normal and looked good.  In fact we were just told that she is right where she needs to be! 🙂

The first big hurdle was to rearrange our basement so I could fit 15 years or so of stuff from my office (soon to be babies room) down there, and still keep it a family room.  This was also going to disrupt the wife’s working from home, since when she does it was in the basement.  so 4 loads of garbage and recyclables later I have 90 percent of my stuff down there, it also looks like a pop culture and comic book flea market but there is a certain appeal to it.  I still have some things to take off the walls, posters and such and I still need to clean the closet, but most of thats just getting thrown out anyway so it shouldn’t take long.

We also went to register for our baby shower, and wow what a selection of cool baby and toddler things there are now! I mean it was a lot of fun! A little confusing but still I had a good time picking things that she would look cute in or with.  We also have a lot of support, most of our friends had little girls and are more then willing to let us use stuff to save money which is awesome and I thank you guys!  We picked the color for the room, and bought a neat ceiling fan that has a globe for the light, it has reversible blades, one side has spaceships on it and the other is plain black, I like the spaceships, the wife not so much….so that’s still being negotiated.  We also already have people buying clothes and stuff which is great, but please don’t bankrupt yourselves! lol

The part that’s been the most stressful to me? Not the wife, not the cleaning or not even the thought of losing sleep.  It’s people  questioning why stuff isn’t done yet.  Don’t Worry about it! It will get done before she is here!  Believe it or not the wife and I know what we want to do and have a plan to get it all done before she arrives.  As long as the bulk of the big things are done, and she has a loving family to raise her, I think she’ll be ok.  People were raised in far worse places for hundreds of years (no we don’t live in a shanty, we live in a typical middle class brick ranch home, some of it’s just a bit dated) and survived, so I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine.  Believe me I’m just as anxious if not more so to get everything done.  Already We’ve accomplished a lot and believe it or not there isn’t that much left to do.  Also the people that tell me how she is going to be as a baby and that we wont sleep, sorry but every baby is different so we’ll just have to wait and see, we know plenty that did sleep through the night.

I already know the things I want to do with her, things my father never really did, I want to do stuff with her everyday, take her places, even if she’s to young to remember.  I want to get her out of the house for walks, both around the neighborhood, take her to the zoo, when she’s old enough take her to ballgames, and yes, she will of course be a gamer as are we, and she’ll probably be a bit of a nerd also.  We both want to do those things with her.  She’s going to know two if not three languages (the wife is fluent in Spainish, Polish and we both speak English, maybe Italian if I can remember any of it) and I’m hoping I can learn them along with her.  I think she’s going to be a very well rounded little girl coming from two families with such rich heritages and histories.  I want her to be happy and I’m pretty sure she will be, because even though she isn’t here yet, I love her already and smile every time I think of her, or look at the ultrasound pic of her.  She is entering the world surrounded by two loving parents, Grandparents that are so excited they’re driving me a bit nuts (but I understand why) and two very caring families.  So for now, all I can do is wait, but in 3 months when i see her for the first time, all of it will be worth it.

as always thanks for reading!