So as I was writing the printer ink cartridge blog I kept hearing noises upstairs.  My computer is directly below the bedroom, the wife went to sleep hours ago because she has to work tomorrow, for some inexplicable reason (not that I’m complaining) I have Presidents Day off.  So I kept hearing noises like someone getting up and walking around, which worried me a bit because the wife and I are expecting a little girl (thank you!) in about 3 months, so I worry about her not feeling well or not being able to sleep.  So after a few minutes I run, quietly, up the stairs to the bedroom, I find nothing out of the ordinary.  Then I look down and see that our Shih tzu and Sheltie seemed to have been having a disagreement about who gets the dog bed.  so they were walking around each other! No barking, biting or growling, just pissing me off.  Our Rat Terrier on the other hand seems to be content curled up at the foot of the bed.  For some bizarre reason the Shih tzu will start out sleeping at the foot of the bed with us and the Rat terrier, and the Sheltie will be on the floor.  For some odd reason she won’t be on the dog pillow, well sometimes she will be, but not often.  Apparently tonight they both wanted it.  So usually after 20 minutes or so, the Shih tzu will jump off the bed (heavy footed for a little guy) and lay on the pillow or the floor.  Usually after a few hours, say 2 or 3am, the little shi…will start pawing at me to wake me up to put him back on the bed! Yup, won’t paw at the wife, only me…..oh, did I mention he can jump on the bed himself?!  So, apparently the noise I heard is what his nightly ritual sounds like from the basement, yup, I just took time to blog about nothing….well what the hell, it worked for Seinfeld!

Thanks for reading!