So for the first time in years I watched the Grammy’s, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the performances, well at least most of them.  I also determined the way to get a nomination and too perform twice is to beat the crap out of a famous singer the year before, nice to see a few slick dance moves and slick beats and all is forgiven (yeah, I’m talking about Chris Brown) So below is my assessment of them.  If I miss one or two, sorry but sometimes nature calls!

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, performance wise it was good, lots of energy and great musicians as usual.  The problem is I just don’t like Bruce Springsteen,  sorry, just don’t, I respect him as a musician but just don’t care for most of his work.  Not a bad performance overall.

Adele, Great performance, even though she hasn’t sang in like six months due to vocal chord surgery.  Great voice and a great performance.

Rhianna, I liked her performance, not my favorite of the night but it was solid.

Glen Campbell, sorry but I could really care less, I feel bad for the guy having Alzheimer’s but still, the last time his music was relevant was what? 1979? I’m sure in country circles he was a big influence and what not but just doesn’t appeal to me.   That being said, he still sounded good and performed much better than I thought he would.

Bruno Mars, Bruno looked like he was trying to channel James Brown.  His performance was pretty good and I liked the song.  I didnt really know much about him before, so I’m new to him, but I enjoyed it and liked the retro look he was going for….and what a pompadour!

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie Raitt still has it after all these years and Alicia still sounds good.  The two of the them put on a classy performance in memory of Etta James.

Foo Fighters, Maybe not their best two performances, but two completly solid and enjoyable performances from one of  my favorites rock bands of all time!  One of my favorite performances of the night, even the one with Deadmau5, who had a totally bitchin’ moushead and even rocked a cylon graphic on it!

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson,   I personally don’t know who Jason Aldean is, but I know Kelly Clarkson.  For me she looked very pretty and to me sophisticated, she also sounded great and the two of them put on a nice duet.

The Beach Boys and friends, amazing that after 50 years the Beach Boys still sound pretty good, Maroon 5 and Foster the people did a nice job complimenting the performance, although Adam from Maroon 5 has a very unique and strange way of standing and singing, kind of like if Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was singing.  Overall a good performance, and enjoyable, even the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Paul McCartney, While his solo performance wasn’t as good as the closing one, I thought it was nice a classy.  McCartney has always been one of my favorites and at his age I still think he did a nice job.

Taylor Swift, as usual Taylor Swift put on a good performance, I’m not a country fan, but there are a few I like and Taylor is one of them, I think she has a great voice and so far seems to be getting better as she matures’s, so overall it was good.

Blake Shelton, never heard him till last night other than on the voice.  Was hoping for more to be honest, it was good, but not great like I expected.

Jennifer Hudson, Hudson has been through a lot in her life, but she has contiued to make it through.  She performed a great and touching tribute to Whitney Houston, and come on lets be honest, its not like Jennifer had a lot of time to prepare.  She did a great job.  One of my favorites of the evening.

Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood, Another old timer showing that he’s still got it.  It was nice to Carrie Underwood also, some complained that it should have been Gaga out there since she was on the album, but I think for the performance Carrie and him were perfect together.  Another very enjoyable performance.

Chris Brown, really? I’m not even going to get into why I don’t think he should represent the Grammys, but all he did was lip sync (poorly) and jump around.  Horrible and almost as bad as…..

Niki Minaj, WTF was that? Song? Horrible.  Performance? Horrible.  Niki stop trying to be Lady Gaga or Madonna and try to be yourself…ok?

Coldplay, Another band that I really try to like, I like a couple of songs, but I always thought they were a bit boring and dull….this appearance shows that once again.

Katy Perry, didn’t start off real strong but I thought overall it ended up being an ok performance, I thought she looked good and performed well enough, the blue hair? I liked it, wife hated it.

Deadmau5, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters…..Not sure what to really say, Guetta was the only saving grace of the Chris Brown Lil Wayne act, Foo’s were good, Deadmau5 was good, together it was interesting, not really sure what to make of the whole thing.  I guess it was alright and interesting, Deadmau5 did rock a Cylon effect on his mousehead so that was cool.

So thats about it, that’s my take.  A guy at work pointed out that most of the acts seemed to start a bit flat, which I would kind of agree with, but that being said I thought most were still pretty good.    So I pretty much enjoyed it and thought that most of the right people won.

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