I never really watched the TV show Chuck, but I always wanted to.  I caught a few episodes from each season (or series as they would say in the UK) and thought it was a great show.  I just never quite had the time to fit it in.  For those of you that know nothing of the show, I guess I could sum it for you by saying its every nerds dream come true.  Chuck works in an electronics store, in his mid to late 20’s.  He always has pressure from his friends and family to more but doesn’t until an email changes his mind.

Turns out an ex-room mate of Chucks is a CIA agent.  He steals a list of…well The List, I mean this database has all the CIA and NSA info combined, he then destroy’s the computer and emails it to Chuck.  Chuck reads the email and it is Subliminally implanted into his brain.  That’s where 2 agents come in, John Casey (played by Adam Baldwin from firefly) who is a NSA Major and CIA Agent Sarah Walker (played by Yvonne Strahovski)  They are sent to find out what the hell happened.

They eventually figure it out and recruit Chuck who only see’s things in flashes, that help thwart assassinations and such.  He has finally done what everyone wanted him to and is making a difference….one problem….he can’t tell anyone.  So he is electronics store clerk by day and spy by night so to say.

For those of us who are a bit nerdy (ok a lot nerdy) this was a great concept (still is) and from what I saw it was a great show with great chemistry between cast members.  Sadly, the show has been walking the fine line of cancellation ever since the second season and this season, its 5th is its last.  What sets the show apart, other than having an actual good storyline and being fun, are the fans.  They remind me of the Browncoats (that’s Serenity and Firefly fans to those of you that are nerdly challenged) they rallied every season to keep it on the air.

The most memorable event was back in I believe 2009.  On the verge of cancellation a group of fans led by Wendy Farrington, She noticed a Subway product placement.  She rallied fans to go to Subway on the day of the finale and buy foot long subs.  Then on the comment card they would write foot long and finale.  Even the cast and crew got behind it.  In Fact in Birmingham England, Zachary Levi (Chuck) led fans to a Subway and stayed for like 2 hours helping make sandwiches for them.  That’s another thing that sets it apart, the cast and crew was willing to welcome the fans, they appreciated the fans not like most shows or big budget actors.

Sadly there will be no more Chuck, this is the end of the series.  Tonight, Friday, January 27th 2012, is the series finale.  At least it gets a wrap up, so many great shows just get left out to dry, at least Chuck will leave it fans with a finale.  Even though I know the end is here, I may tune in, I for sure I’m going to by the dvds or see if its on Netflix and watch the series.  I wish had gotten to know you sooner, So here’s to you Chuck….the little show that could!

Good luck to all of the cast, crew and writers!