So for those of you not in the Chicagoland area on Friday, we got hit with a decent amount of snow, by me, I would say about 5 inches but I know people that had 8 or 9.  It started late morning, well by me anyway, at around eleven and started to taper off at around 8 or so.  Now here’s what gets me.  Number 1, we’ve had 2 snows this winter, the last one ranged between 2 and 4 inches, not counting drifts, then this snow.  What I find hilarious is the number of people that have lived here for 20 or 30 years and act surprised when it snows.  ITS WINTER IN CHICAGO!  I mean we had a blizzard last year! I left work and was driving on roads that had at least 2 maybe 3 inches of snow on them and made it home, yeah it sucked, but if you have a good to decent set of tires that are all weather and have done it before you should be ok.  Now if your trying to get through 5 or more inches, then yeah I understand, its a lot worse.  There are still the people that complain about the snow and the drive, they threaten to move somewhere warm and never come back.  Funny, because really, we don’t get constant snow, especially big storms, maybe once or twice a year.  Other wise we may get storms that accumulate an inch or two.  If you can’t drive in that small amount after years of doing it, you shouldn’t be driving (or you need new tires, oh and yes I know it still sucks but really, sack up).  So thats my little rant, its not like a winter storm in Chicago that had been talked about for days should’ve surprised anyone, yet it some how did.  Now snow in June?  That would be something to freak out about…..