So today it dawned on my that there are way too many people on this planet who really think they are above others when they really aren’t.  Not that they’re stupid, most of them have a high IQ and did well in school, they just lack common sense and humility.  I have one friend, who will remain nameless, that will call all of his friends and us his latest get rich quick scheme.  It’s usually a horrible idea that isn’t thought out at all, kind of like a scheme the gang on Its Always sunny would come up with.  So he explains it and I tell him its a bad idea, he simply says, “I dont know, I think its pretty good.”  He will then call all of us, he lives in a different state, so he does it over the phone.  more then half of us say its a bad idea, then one person agrees with him and he does it.  He then fails miserably at it, because it wasn’t thought at at all.  The only reason he bothers, is that he thinks he is soo much smarter that he thinks everyone will agree with him, then he’ll use the one that does agree as self affirmation to his stunning intellect.  Then when the plan fails, he always finds someone else to blame it on, or the government.

Another example of this is with a woman I know.  She, apparently, is an expert on all things from the legality of company dress code (which I already proved her wrong more than once) to weight loss (which to her credit she did lose a lot of weight, but even though she thinks it was done in a healthy way, I doubt it was)  I’ll focus on the dress code story this time.  A few days ago the company I work for rolled out an addition to the dress code, I don’t remember it verbatim, but it basically said no skin tight leggings unless a women’s butt is covered.  There was another section that said visible tattoos aren’t allowed.  This is a common dress code policy in lots of places.  She read it, poorly, and proclaimed that it was, “Illegal for the company to tell her she cant get tattoos!”  she went on for minutes about it.  Now keep in mind, she has no visible tattoos, but is thinking of one because at 35 she claims she’s in a mid life crisis.  So I tell her it isn’t illegal, it’s a privately held company.  Now, I already knew that she didn’t read it properly and flew off the handle, so when she said I didn’t know what I was talking about and that the company has no right to tell you that you can’t get a tattoo, I calmly pointed it out that the policy didn’t say she couldn’t have one, it said she couldn’t have it visible…she stared blankly for a minute than calmly said, “oh, thats ok then.”

My final example, is  another friend of mine.  Nice enough guy and pretty smart…..most of the time.  He has a habit of going off in emails to me about laws, taxes or even video game delays.  He would routinely complain about some new tax or law that he read about and want me to agree, then I would read the WHOLE article to find out that said issue isn’t approved and might never be, but since he didn’t read the whole article he didn’t know that.  So then when I point it out, he basically said, “Oh, I didn’t read the whole thing.”  Then why the F are you acting like an expert?!  Again, with this guy, there’s other examples but still.

People accuse me of acting like I know everything.  I don’t, I know I don’t.  I read a lot and watch a lot of documentaries and shows about different things.  So if I say something, its because I read it or saw it, that doesn’t always make it true.  If you have other info that shows I’m wrong I am more then willing to listen, and that’s the difference with the above people.  They don’t want to listen or even to show that they may be right and you or I may be wrong.  No matter what, to them everyone else is always wrong….Of course, none of the above have been right before, but I suppose eventually one will be….then I’ll never hear the end of the one time….