So I dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but over the last couple of years the tater tot has made a strong comeback.  They are showing up in almost every restaraunt I have been to recently.  I’m not exactly sure why, maybe because people are starting to finally target the age group that grew up with them, who knows for sure but I for one I’m glad to see it.  Tots were invented in 1953 by the founders of the Ore-Ida company.  Mainly as a way to get rid of left over potatoe slivers, all it took was a little seasoning, a little flour, and the tot was born, and trademarked.  They hit store shelves in 54. 

Over the years the tater tot has become a staple in school cafeterias (Come on you Leyden alum you remember!) and in the freezer section of supermarkets.  Usually tots are consumed by kids and young adults.  They really didnt appear in many restauraunts or fast food chains (Sonic being one of the only well known ones) until recently…..

I dont know how many of you have noticed, but the in the last couple of years tater tots have started appearing on more and more menus at restaraunts.  Whether they are local mom and pop places or chains, it appears that tater tots arent just for the cafeteria and freezer section anymore.  Chains such as Hooters, Finn McCools and Brickhouse Tavern now feature the tots, and not only as a side.  At Hooters they have a great tater tot appetizer consisting of bacon bits, cheese, sour cream and chives.  Finns, lets you choose them instead of fries, which is a nice change of pace.  Brickhouse Tavern has the classic chili cheese tots, which you cant go wrong with. 

So it looks like tots have hit the big time and are here to stay, so to all of you that remeber them from your childhood or school days, heres to you!