Will all the real gamers in the world please stand up?   Am I the only one tired of hearing about some lame ass flash game on facebook or one of the famous phones with a marketplace?  Dont get me wrong, i count puzzle games (tetris, bejeweled, and peggle etc) as games, and i dont have a problem with you playing emulated old skool nes, 2600, sms, snes and genesis games on phones or facebook.  But when you play mafia wars, sorority wars, farmville, or any other wars or ville games, or any game that makes you have to wait to gain energy or recruit people for it….you are not a video gamer! Im sorry your just not.  Those are games and you play them and they might make a nice destraction, but calling yourself a gamer is like calling chess a sport…..Its there might some very similiar aspects but they are totally different. 

Some will argue that these games are strategy games or simulations….really? go ask a farmer how accurate farmville is in simulating a farm.  There is no strategy in most of these games, in any the “war” games its just a matter of not attacking people stronger then you and with a bigger group of followers.  Thats not strategy…..thats common sense!

I’m not taking issue with people playing theses “games” I’m just tired of people going “oh I play video games too!”  with me responding, “really? xbox? ps3? Wii?”  and hearing “no facebook”……….nuff said.  Im sure alot of you want to let me have it about this one….and I urge you to leave your comments and arguments that are different.  Maybe someone out there can convince me that facebook and phone games are “gateway” games, much like they say pot is a gateway drug, and can lead to bigger games like halo or modernwarfare, or forza.  So like i said, leave your examples, arguments and comments!