So after a few weeks of peer pressure from my friend Dave, I decided to pick up a copy of it, Steam had it for download purchase as a midweek deal for like 10 bucks so I figured what the hell.  It took me a long time to give it a shot, mainly because i didnt like the ads (other then the awesome song aint no rest for the wicked by Cage the Elephant) and at the time I just thought it was a cheap Fallout 3 rip off.

Turns out I was wrong, first off the game takes place on another planet, not in a post apocalyptic world like fallout 3.  Second the world and characters remind me of firefly in the sense that its like a futuristic old west.  The graphics are quirky, almost like a comic book, but still good.  The gameplay is pretty typical for a fps also.  but, as much as I liked Fallout 3 the game had large stretches of boredom, borderlands seems to have more action. The downside is the story telling.  You can tell this isnt Betheseda, Bioware, or Obsidian.

This is eviedent in the begining.  There is little bit about a legend of a vault on the planet that every kid hears. Then of course all those kids become treasure hunters, and guess what apparently thats your motivation.  After an hour or so you start to get a little more of the story out of the game but its like pulling teeth.  So what keeps me going? The fact that I want to know the mystery of the Vault.  Theres even rumours of alien tech and the such. 

I know that was a pretty crappy review, but i need to get back to playing so……..if you find it for 20 or under, give it a shot.  You might be suprised….