Whether you like the Cubs or hate them, as long as you’re a baseball you know the name Derrick Lee.  In my opinion Derrick Lee was the best Cubs first baseman since Mark Grace, I would even argue that he was as good or better.  At 6’5″ Lee had a great reach and made most 3rd basemen and shortstops look better then they really were by stretching way off the base to get the ball, If Lee couldnt grab it and keep his foot on the bag I dont think anybody could.  With the exception of this year, which I think is just an off year for him, he put up great numbers in the almost 6 years he was a Cub. 

He appeared in 924 games with 3514 at bats, 578 runs, 1046 hits, 1842 total bases,  239 doubles, 10 triples, 179 home runs, 574 rbi’s, 721 k’s and a batting average of 298.  those are pretty solid offense numbers, he was no slouch on defense either with a fielding percentage of 99% percent every year on the Cubs.

I was dissapointed to hear that he was leaving, but I know as players approach the end of their careers they want one last shot at the championship.  Most teams know this as well and try to work something out for them, Lee to the Braves was a good move for him.  With 70 wins and only 50 losses they are a strong contender this year. 

All that being said I’ll miss having him at first, especially since they really dont have a solid replacement, they probably should just move Soriano there since they seem to have a plethora of outfielders both in the majors and minors.  I will continue to wear my Lee jersey with pride knowing that he has been probably one of the top 20 first basemen in the league and probably the best the cubs have had.  Good luck Derrick Lee and thanks!