warehouse 13 episode 5 aired last night and had a special guest visit the warehouse…..one Douglas Fargo! The head of GD stopped in to upgrade the computer system….and make Claudia think twice about her feelings for whatever that other guys name is.  For a change it was a crossover that actually worked, It took place in the same (and current) Eureka timeline, where Fargo is the head of GD.  Overall the episode was pretty good, it somewhat reminded me of a early eureka episode about a mysterious computer console that was going to start ww3.  Everything was going well for the warehouse boys until the original computer was turned off, then the fun began with a fail safe system taking over….the second crossover between these two series airs friday night as claudia heads to eureka to check out some new tech…..and help stop the present from dissapearing….or something like that.  Who cares with claudia guest starring the show should be pretty fun! Eureka airs on fridays on the syfy network. 

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