So over the weekend the wife finally opened up her DVD boxset of Keen Eddie that I bought her about 3 years ago, 2 years after fox axed the show.  As we were watching i was dissapointed knowing that there were only 13 episodes because I actually really liked the show.  Plus Sienna Miller was in it and she looked good, the accent helped also.  So anyway I was watching and the actor that played Eddie looked familiar but I couldnt quite place him, so I ran his name on IMDB and found out that he is in the show Human Target, also on fox but actually renewed for a season 2!  I remembered seeing the ads and they looked pretty good.  So I decided to watch the first episode yesterday and was pleasently suprised.  It was pretty good.  It revolves around an ex hitman (you dont find that out right away) named Christopher Chance. He has since stopped being a hitman and now tries to stop people from being killed by stalkers, hitman and the such.  He does have help in the form of his “boss” for lack of a better term Winston, Played by Chi McBride (house, boston public) and Guerrero another ex hitman played by Jackie Earle Haley (freddy krueger in the redeux of a nightmare on elm street) The basic premise is based off a late 70s comic book of the same name, with one difference, in the comic book he takes the name of the target and becomes them, then whe the threat reveals itself he elminates it.  In the show he enters the persons life as a old friend, or new coworker, or long lost family member and stays with the person protecting them when the threat reveals itself and elimanates the threat.  For those of you who did watch keen eddie, Chris Chance is a similar character to eddie, even has a dog, only this time its a rottweiler.  The first epsisode showed promise and so did what i saw of the second, so if you like action this show would be for you, I believe the second season starts in september on fox, I believe its on wednesdays at 8/7c

give it a chance and thanks for stopping by!