Looks like the sox fans had a roller coaster of a day yesterday, smashing the tigers 12 to 2, the downside was the second game loss 7 to 1.  at least they split the games and are still in 1st in their division…If the sox make a strong playoff run and fall short of the series I wonder what Kenny Williams will do for next year.  He has some quality players but some fan favorites are falling a little short this year.  Do they try to move AJ next year? he still a pretty solid catcher but he’s down to a 237 batting average, even for a catcher thats a little low.  Beckham isnt much better offensivly at 243 I think its time to give Lillibridge a full time shot at second. Quenitn is 237 as well which is not good. having a dh thats only batting 214 doesnt help either and Im not sure how great a pick up andruw jones was, he’s batting a paltry 201, the 15 dingers are nice but those are pretty poor numbers for a rather big name superstar.  If those guys were all batting 250 or above, this would for sure be a world series calibur team.  The pitching hasnt been too bad, but there are a lot of guys with an era of 3.5 or above, thats a little too high for my liking but so far it hasnt slowed the team down.  Kenny Willams seems to be a pretty sharp GM so we’ll have to wait and see what changes if any are made in the off season.  Of course if they do have another world series run, i think those changes would be minimal.

In my mind the keepers on the team are Alexei Ramirez, Alex Rios, Paul Konerko, AJ, and Brent Lillibridge.  

As for the White Sox Pitching staff, I would hang on to Peavy (of course) Danks, Buehrle, Floyd, Putz, Thornton, Threets, Santos and Harrell who looked promising in his one game.  I would move Buehrle if there was a good oppurtunity though.  

as for my hapless cubs it was nice to see a prospect that has waited 6 years to play show what he’s got, Thomas Diamond struck out 10 last night but the cubs aenemic offense couldnt score enough handing the rookie a loss in the game as the cubs dropped their seventh 4 to 3.  In a lost season with a lame duck manager that lost his winning touch its nice to see young guys getting chances, and playing well.  If castro can get his fielding in order and diamond continues to impress, that would be two positions taken care of for next year…..now about the rest……

I think with a team era its safe to say that the pitching hasnt been stellar.  They’re ranked 13th out 16 teams. Yet somhow they are third in k’s, which proves that k’s dont mean everything. The worst of the worst in my opinion is still zambrano. Talk about wasted talent, he had so much potential that was just squandered, some how they need to move him before next year or find some way to buy him out.  Dempster, Silva, Gorzelanny, Marshall and Marmol are having solid years all of them have era’s under 4.  Diamond is 4.5 but hes only played one game and pitched good so we’ll have to see what happens there.   You could pretty much through away the rest of the pitching staff, the best of the rest with a 4.19 is russel, he may be worth keeping and with an era of 4.4 wells maybe worth a second look.  I think its time to end the smardzija experiment, this guys has been in the system for years and hasnt done anything to warrant a spot on the team.  Same goes for Zambrano (see above Zambrano rant). I wouldnt stop there either, Its time for them to ditch Larry Rothschild, the guy has never made a pitcher better, in fact he’s made some worse!  You know what? offer the job to somebody that understands mechanics, a guy like greg maddox, sure he’s still young for a coach but he has a wealth of knowledge….

now the offensive offense, The two real shining spots so far have been Byrd and Castro, Byrd tunred out to be a great pickup over 104 games he’s batting 316 with 10 homers and 47 homers.  Castro over 76 games is batting 309 with only 3 homers but 32 rbis isnt to shabby, his team leading 15 errors on the other hand is horrible.  If he can straighten out his fielding, I think a lot of this is still rookie jitters so if he can straighten it out in spring training he’ll be fine.  Fontenot has had a solid year batting 283 with only 4 errors.  The last of the guys having a solid offensive year is Soto, the problem is his inconsitency, currently he is batting 280 with 14 home runs and 40 rbis, not bad, but he still tends to get into long slumps.  In the field however he has been solid with only 3 errors. I hate to dis my boy Lee, but he’s only batting 249.  For now I’ll chalk this up to a bad year since he is a career 282 batter, heck, last year he batted 306.  this isnt his worse year, that was back in 98 on the marlins when he had 454 at bats and a paltry 233 batting average, he did bat 206 in 99 but he only had 218 at bats so its hard to say what might have happened had he played more.  Now onto the Fukudome experiment.  Once again he has failed to be consistent past the half way point, I like the guys fielding and attitude, but he just isnt going to make it.  time to say bye bye fukudome and thanks for the innuendo laced last name!  Also another lackluster highly touted player from the farm system, hill has once again failed to impress, he can go also. Ah and now onto another guy that cubs fans have loved but I thought shouldve moved to the AL when he could hit and be a DH because of his abysmal fielding ability….Ta Da! Aramis Ramirez!  yup thats right, now not only does he have the second highest amount of errors (12) he’s batting an abysmal 220 with 15 homeruns.  in my opinion its time for him to move on, maybe a change of scenary will get his home run swing back (or a shot of steroids).  I still think he would make a fine DL in the AL. As for the rest I think its time to explore the free agent market for next year and the other minor leaguers in there own system.  As for Soriano, he has the same problem ramirez does, he’s to streaky, he’ll have two weeks batting 300 with 7 homers, then will bat 190 for the next 2 weeks with 2 homers, not sure what to do with him.

Out of all the cubs offensive players I would hang onto Lee (still think hes a great firstbasemen just having an off year), Byrd, Castro, DeWitt, Soto and Fontenot.  Soriano would be my wild card, If I could get somebody good or some good minor leaguers, I would consider it, but for now I would probably hang on to him.

Pitching wise I would keep the follwoing Dempster, Silva, Gorzelanny, Marshall, Marmol, Russel, and Diamond.  The rest are expendable.

Thats just my take on the two teams opinions may vary! and thanks for reading!