It turns out the Merry Go Round on  Madison is still spinning.  I didnt mind losing guys like Eager, Burish, Byfuglien and Ladd because I know they have a lot of talent in the minors, guys like Skile and Bickell Finally will get their shots to wear the Hawks head and its well deserved, but Niemi is a tough one to swallow.  I really wanted to see if he would be able to handle a full NHL schedule of games.  By that I mean playing 60 or so games this year.  I think most starting goaltenders in the league are good for 60 or so.  That was the problem with Huet, he was a backup his whole career who never played more than 50 games, let alone what the hawks wanted from him.  He is a solid back up and good for maybe 30 to 35 games, not 60 to 70.  There are two upsides to the Niemi story though.  First and not so impressive is the fact that Crawford played pretty well in the few games he played.  He did give up some soft goals, but he also didnt have alot of NHL experiance yet either.  The second is that they signed Marty Turco, many of you may say this was a bad move, but you need to remember that his record is 262-154-26 over his career which is pretty impressive, granted last year he was only 22-20-11 but its not like the stars have given him much offensive support over the last few years.  I still think they will be a solid team that should go deep into the playoffs, and with the eagerness of the young guys trying to earn their keep and marty turcos resolve and eagerness to win a cup, they may even have another finals appearance.  plus if they dump huet to the minors there is another 5.6 million to shore up the team with.  GO HAWKS!