Alright Everyone here is my first actual blog entry.  I dont know how many of you are sci-fi fans or fans of the supernatural but for those of you that are this show maybe just for you.  The show Haven takes place in a coastal town in Maine named Haven.  The story is based on the short story by Stephen King called The Colorado Kid.  The story is about an FBI agent who is sent to Haven to find an escaped con who killed a federal employee.  The Agent Audrey (played by Emilt Rose) meets a Haven Police officer named Nathan (played by Lucas Bryant) along the way.  She finds then finds the con dead.  The town sheriff labels it an accident but, Audrey believes foul play was involved and her and nathan find the truth through some twists and turns, this is where we are introduced to the supernatural element of the show.  Along the way we are also introduced to a character named Duke (played by Eric Balfour) who is kind of a scoundrel.  To be honest he kind of reminds me of Han Solo.  Personally I think this show so far has been better than the week season 4 of Eureka.  While I dont think its as good as Warehouse 13 it definetly has potential.  As tv goes in general I think this is a better show than most out there. 

Now those of you that have read The Colorado Kid maybe wondering where the tie in is.  Audrey is an orphan who never knew her parents, at one point in the pilot she is approached by two men who run the newspaper.  One of them says he’s seen her before.  Later in the episode the two men approach her again with a photo of a woman from the early 80s standing by a dead man, the dead man is the Colorado Kid and the woman looks just like Audrey.  So Audrey decides to stay and try to find out about her mother and solve the Colorado Kid case at the same time. 

We also find that when the picture was taken is when the “troubles” started, strange happenings such as Nathan losing the ability to feel and others.  Nathan references this and says that he is worried that troubles are back and may not go away.

The last scene shows Audrey standing in the spot that the woman in the picture was.  She then calls her FBI boss and says that she needs some vacation time.  After he hangs up he makes a phone call and tells someone on the other line that she is staying, and maybe she can help with his troubles.

Personally I think the dynamic of the show works and I want to see how everything will tie together in the end.  Plus arent we all tired of Stargate and Battlestar Spin Offs by now?  Give it a chance.  It airs every Friday night after Eureka.